GERMANY: First meet-up in Dresden, 13.12.2016

On 13 December a group of 12 scientists from six different Dresden scientific institutions, as well as guests from Berlin and Hanover, got together for an informal round-discussion dinner. Dresden hosts, according to some estimates, one of the largest Ukrainian research diaspora communities in Germany, especially researchers with background in physics, chemistry, material sciences and life sciences. In an informal pre-Christmas atmosphere this meeting offered a nice opportunity to get to know, exchange the experiences and views on cooperating with research partners in Ukraine, and to explore some ideas for possible future coordinated efforts. It was unanimously decided that such meetings should happen regularly and the next one is tentatively planned for February 2017. The meeting was organised by Dr Vyacheslav Khavrus (TU Dresden) and Dr Denys Makarov (HZDR), active members of the UKRAINE Network.

Contact: Vyacheslav Khavrus, Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IWF Dresden),