Regional groups and contact points

There are some active Regional groups, organizing local event (e.g. Lecture series “Science First Hand” in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in Berlin and a meet-up in Dresden). You can join their local distribution lists to be informed and contribute to the activities:

  • Berlin-Brandenburg: Coordinators: Dr Olesia Lazarenko, European University Viadrina (Frankfurt/ Oder) and Dr Dmytro Puchkov, FMP (Berlin). Contact: berlin (at) 
  • Dresden: Coordinators: Dr Vyacheslav Khavrus, SmartNanotubes Technologies and Dr Denys Makarov, HZDR. Contact: dresden (at)

Regional contacts:

  • Greifswald: Prof. Roman Dubasevych and Vira Makovska (University of Greifswald)
  • Hannover: Nataliya Butych (University of Hannover) and Dr Tetiana Yevsa (MHH)
  • Stuttgart/ Tübingen: Prof. Olga Garaschuk (University of Tübingen)
UK: Dr Dmitri Finkelshtein (University of Swansea) and Dr Nataliya Rumyantseva (University of Greenwich)