• Akademia Młodych Uczonych PAN – AMU PAN (Warsaw): Ukrainian scientists who left the war in Ukraine or plan to leave in the coming days – we will help you find housing and work. You can contact here: mail.amu.pan@gmail.com or via Facebook
  • The Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IBL PAN) invites Ukrainian researchers to apply for a stay through the International Relation Department of the Polish Academy of Sciences. IBL PAN’s departments are situated in Warsaw, Poznań and Toruń
  • Collegium Civitas in Warsaw is launching studies with a one-year bridging program in Ukrainian, which is to encourage young people from Ukraine to start studies in Poland. According to the university, the participants will study for a year in Ukrainian, and then continue their studies in the second year of studies, on a fully Polish-language path. The offer includes 2 studies: International Relations and Management. The application process will start on April 26
  • Krzysztof Skubiszewski Foundation announced Urgent Aid for the Preservation of the Research Capabilities of Ukraine
  • Max Weber Foundation supports Ukrainian scientists. This initiative was implemented by the German Historical Institute Warsaw (Deutsche Historische Institut). More information in German.
  • Old House of Culture (Staromiejski Dom Kultury) opened an one-time scholarships for artists who were forced to leave Ukraine as a result of the war caused by Russia
  • The Polish Academy of Sciences introduces a new tool supporting cooperation with Ukrainian researchers. Duration of the stay in the units of the PAS up to 3 months with possibility of extension, if necessary
  • The Polish Committee of the International Council of Museums decided to focus on the needs of the museum personnel that found refuge in our country. With the assistance of ICOM General Secretariat we established an Ukrainian speaking office and started to locate persons scattered throughout Polish cities. We plan to provide 3-months individual grants to the museum professionals that will apply. More information here
  • The U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has launched the Safe Passage Fund to support the Polish Academy of Sciences as it helps fleeing Ukrainian researchers and their families resettle in Poland. As part of this effort, the NAS will evaluate proposals and identify candidates for placement in suitable institutions, and will use the funds raised to provide grants to help support the scientists and their families.