GERMANY, Berlin: Lecture series “Science from the first hands”, 12.12.2016

Lecture series “Science from the first hands” of the regional group Berlin-Brandenburg: Lecture on Vasyl Sukhomlynsky by Dr O.V. Proskura

The lecture “Vasyl Sukhomlynskyj in dialogue with modernity” was given by Dr Olena Proskura, one of the followers of the most known Ukrainian Teachers on 12 December at the Ukrainian embassy in Berlin. Dr Proskura is a renowned expert in the field of child psychology and pre-school education and a founder of numerous methodical guides (e.g. her programme “Child/ Дитина” has been adopted by a vast majority of pre-schools in Ukraine since early 90th of the last century). The lecture was devoted to the life and intellectual heritage of the true Teacher, whose most famous book “I give my heart to the children/ Серце віддаю дітям” was published in 30 languages all over the world as 54 editions. Interestingly, this work first appeared in print in Berlin in 1968, before the permission was granted to publish it in Kyiv. In Marburg, Germany, a Society of followers of Sukhomlynsky was founded back in 1990. Since 1994 there are regular readings devoted to V. Sukhomlynsky, organised by the head of the Pedagogic Society of Ukraine, Olga Sukhomlynska and the head of All-Ukrainian Association named after Sukhomlynsky, Oleksandra Savchenko.