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  • The Royal Society, Conference report: Ukraine’s recovery: rebuilding with research (Conference held on 15 – 16 May 2023, organized by the Royal Society in partnership with the Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN), together with the Fund of the President of Ukraine for Education, Science and Sports, and the Embassy of Ukraine)
  • Science I Business: CERN Council decides to conclude cooperation with Russia and Belarus in 2024. “The cooperation will come to an end on 27 June 2024 for the Republic of Belarus and on 30 November 2024 for the Russian Federation. All relations between CERN and Russian and Belarusian institutions will cease as of these dates. Relations continue with scientists of Russian or Belarusian nationality otherwise affiliated with CERN.” The full text of the Council’s resolutions can be found here. This article was first published on 15 December by CERN.
  • EIB: EIB’s EU for Ukraine Fund finances its first project (4.12.2023):
    • The EU for Ukraine Fund managed by the EIB approves a €25 million investment in Ukraine’s equity growth fund, aimed at strengthening SMEs in Ukraine and Moldova.
    • This funding primarily targets asset-light, human capital-rich, export-oriented technology companies, building on the region’s rich engineering talent base.
    • The EU for Ukraine Fund is designed to rapidly address urgent needs and sustain economic stability in Ukraine, with over €400 million committed by EU Member States so far.
  • Nature: The effects of war on Ukrainian research, by Gaétan de Rassenfosse, Tetiana Murovana & Wolf-Hendrik Uhlbach. Humanit Soc Sci Commun 10, 856 (2023).
November 2023
  • SCIENCE AT RISK Monitoring Report by Yuliia Yevstiunina, Julia Mierau, Tetiana Folhina, Philipp Christoph and Schmädeke: Ukraine 2022-2023: Threats to science and higher education after the full-scale Russian invasion, Akademisches Netzwerk Osteuropa – akno e.V
  • Ukraine’s Membership of the EU: Together We are Better,
    Greener, More Resilient and Sustainable, Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment”

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