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  • Blog on academic publishing (Ukrainian blog, in Ukrainian), run by Serhii Nazarovets, a scientometrics researcher at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University
  • The SCRIPTS blog assembles a variety of analytical views, opinions, and commentaries by members and guest authors. They all relate to the liberal script in its current varieties, as well as possible future evolutions in its regional and global interrelations. The Cluster of Excellence “Contestations of the Liberal Script (SCRIPTS)” is a research consortium that analyses why the liberal model of order has fallen into crisis despite its political, economic, and social achievements.

May 2022

  • Foreign Policy (FP): Stop Falling for Russia’s Delusions of Perpetual Victory. The best sources on the war are the Ukrainians on the ground. By Mart Kuldkepp, associate professor of Scandinavian history and politics at University College London. 10.05.2022: “More than two months into the invasion, it is striking how little agency Ukrainians are habitually given in analyzing unfolding events. The realist (in reality, colonialist) understanding of Ukraine as a passive periphery, the fate of which must be inevitably decided by Russia and the West, has led to underestimations of the role of the Ukrainian armed forces, civil society, national and local governments, and, most of all, Ukraine’s strong will to resist.”
  • Euromaidan Press: Hunting fascism in Ukraine, you overlooked fascism in Russia, by Hanna Hrytsenko, 05.05.2022: “In the witchhunt for fascism among fringe groups in Ukraine and especially in the campaign to find Nazis among the Azov Regiment, commentators have overlooked the emergence of genuine state fascism in Russia. This happened because Russian propaganda abuses political illiteracy to justify its military intervention into Ukraine since 2014. Its goal is to plant the seeds of distrust in Ukraine as broadly as possible. It was this message that was bought all over the world when exposing Ukrainian fringe groups with no actual influence or public support. But in fact, it is Russia that embraced the main principles of fascism and incorporated them into its official ideology.” Also see: CDI Dispatch No. 4. The Azov Regiment and Western moral procrastination: Anton Shekhovtsov talks about the Ukrainian Azov regiment, its history and evolution, and explains the reasons behind the information attacks on this military unit that plays an important role in resisting the Russian genocidal invasion, 31.03.2022
  • BPS Bulletin – The Newsletter of the Biophysical Society: The Tragedy and Triumph of Ukraine, by Alexey Ladokhin (Professor, KU Medical Center), May 2022
  • Nature: How three Ukrainian scientists are surviving Russia’s brutal war, by Nisha Gaind, 06.05.2022
  • University World News: ‘Retaining scholars in Ukraine is key’: Zelenskyy advisor, by Nathan M Greenfield,  05.05.2022
  • Der Tagespspiegel: Antwort auf offenen Brief von Prominenten Ukrainer in Deutschland „erschüttert und entsetzt“ über Schwarzer-Brief. Alice Schwarzer und andere Prominente verharmlosten Russlands Kriegsverbrechen in der Ukraine, kritisieren Ukrainer in Deutschland. Ihre Antwort im Wortlaut.02.05.2022
  • The Atlantic: ‘We Can Only Be Enemies’ One family’s experience of Vladimir Putin’s invasion offers a path to the end of the war, by Peter Pomerantsev, 01.05.2022

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