Promoting health care in Ukraine under wartime conditions: Training, medical education and professional exchange via podcasts as well as on site

The initiative, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health, aims to support healthcare professionals in Ukraine during times of war. Podcasts on a variety of medical topics are designed to support medical and nursing staff as they face common clinical challenges in times of war. Since the russian invasion, the current burden on the Ukrainian healthcare system has increased significantly. Due to the deliberate destruction of not only medical facilities, quality healthcare for war victims and the general population has become increasingly challenging. In this situation, continuing medical education (CME) is easily neglected. The project therefore addresses the need for training and information on topics such as trauma surgery, mental health, rehabilitation and emergency medicine.

This project is led by the Institute for Research in International Assistance (IRIA) of the Akkon University for Human Sciences (Berlin, Germany) in cooperation with:

  • Ukrainian Ministry of Health
  • Academy of the National Health Service of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Universities:
    • I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University
    • Poltava State Medical University
    • Donetsk National Medical University
    • Specialist Medical College of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, and others
  • UKRAINE Network
  • Regional Public Health Centers
  • Experts of the German Health Care System etc.

The podcast episodes are available on the National Medical University of Ternopil website ( and on the educational platform Academy of the National Health Service of Ukraine (, as well as on the Academy’s YouTube channel.

Already available podcasts:

  • “How the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the global and regional TB response – and how to respond”, author Prof. Dr. med. Dr. PH Timo Ulrichs, Akkon University of Applied Human Sciences/ Institute for Research in International Assistance (IRIA)
  • „Positive aspects of mistakes in healthcare crises“, author Prof. Dr. Ulrike Morgenstern, Akkon University of Applied Human Sciences
  • „Hygiene education and protection measures against infectious diseases such as SARS-CoV-2 in wartime“, authors Prof. Dr. Denny Paulicke, Prof. Dr. Andreas Schönfeld, Akkon University of Applied Human Sciences
  • „Selective mutism as a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents traumatised by war“, authors Prof. Dr. Andreas Schönfeld, Prof. Dr. Denny Paulicke, Akkon University of Applied Human Sciences
  • „Sudden infant death syndrome“, author Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Erler, Ernst von Bergmann Clinic in Potsdam
  • „Therapeutic hypothermia of newborns“, author Dr. David Szekessy, West Brandenburg Clinic in Potsdam
  • „Clinical picture and peculiarities of care in case of traumatic brain injury and subarachnoid haemorrhage”, author Kordula Lipinski, a professional nurse in the anaesthesia and intensive care unit, Arnsberg Clinic in Menden
  • „Mental health under attack – How to re-gain a sense of self-direction“, authors Prof. Dr. Saskia Eschenbach & Prof. Dr. Marisa Przyrembel, Akkon University of Applied Human Sciences
  • “Heat-related health disorders”, R. Jendyk and P. Maisel, publisher – DEGAM – German Society of General and Family Medicine
  • “Physiotherapy for acute non-specific back pain” (in two parts), Philipp Hilbig, physiotherapist, head of the neurological department at the Heidelberg Therapeutic Centre, co-founder of the Rhein-Neckar Parkinson’s Network, member of the Networks and Healthcare working group of the German Parkinson’s Society (DPG)
  • “Caring for people with dementia”, Chiazoka Klare Obasi, professional carer in care and therapy, Master’s degree, Holy Spirit Hospital Cologne
  • “New guidelines for the treatment of restless legs syndrome”, Dr. Anna Heidbreder, Neurology Clinic, University Hospital Innsbruck
  • “Emergency medical care for seriously injured people at the scene of an accident”, Lino Witte, MD, lecturer in general medicine at the continuing education courses, Munster
  • “Tension pneumothorax”, Franziska Jorda, MD, a specialist in visceral surgery and general medicine, Kaufbeuren, publisher – Deximed – Gesinform GmbH
  • “Wound assessment and treatment”, Anne-Lena Lutzler, instructor in nursing and healthcare, Heilig Geist Hospital, Cologne
  • “Basics of stress and professional burnout in the healthcare system”, specialists from the Berlin Centre for Psychotrauma of the Bundeswehr
  • “Schizophrenia”, Jan Dreger, chief physician of the psychiatric clinic in Krefeld
  • “Marlborough’s disease or COPD”, Prof. Dr. Torsten Bauer, Chief Medical Officer of the Heckeshorn Pulmonary Clinic in Berlin, President of the German Society for Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine

You can also access podcasts through: