Optics and Photonics Community living in Ukraine: Grants for Ukrainian Researchers and Educators, apply by 30 November

The Nanophotonics Journal, in collaboration with De Gruyter and the Optica Foundation, is proud to announce a grant program to support Ukrainian researchers and educators. This program aims to provide support for researchers and educators within the optics and photonics community living in Ukraine whose lives and work have been impacted by the ongoing war.

The funding for this initiative was generated by a charity special issue of Nanophotonics, guest-edited by Professor Nader Engheta and Professor Nikolay I. Zheludev, where EUR 80,575 was raised.

Through this initiative, it is planed to offer grants to around 100 researchers and educators of all ages, whose ability to continue their optics and photonics research or educational activities has been directly impacted by the war. Additionally, the funds will support the ongoing dissemination of optics and photonics research and education.

  • Grants will range from $500 to $2,000.
  • Applications close on Thursday, 30 November 2023


About the Charity Special Issue

In solidarity with the people of Ukraine the Publishing Editor and De Gruyter, the Publisher of Nanophotonics, initiated a project titled “Nanophotonics in support of Ukrainian Scientists”. Prominent scientists have contributed thirty-three papers to the special issue, covering a diverse range of topics related to the burgeoning discipline of nanophotonics. The Publisher is donating all of the open access article fees from this special issue to support Ukrainian scientists. The money is being fully donated to the grant fund. Read the special issue:
Volume 12 Issue 14 – Special Issue: Nanophotonics in support of Ukrainian Scientists