Funding line 1 of the EFDS will provide funds to academic institutions in Europe that are willing and able to host displaced researchers from Ukraine. The aim is to provide immediate assistance to scholars in the continuation of their research in a safe environment.

Who can apply?

The application is open to academic institutions (“the host institution”), including universities, academies, and other research-performing organisations that are based in a Council of Europe member state, and that plan to host displaced researchers from Ukraine (“the beneficiaries”).

Applications must be submitted according to the principle “one beneficiary, one application.” Host institutions can apply for up to 1-year of funding to set up new or maintain existing positions for researchers from Ukraine. There is no limit to the number of beneficiaries that a host institution can apply funding for. Institutions dedicated to military research are not eligible for funding.

Who benefits?

The funding programme aims to help scholars from all scientific disciplines who have left or are seeking to leave Ukraine as a consequence of the war (the beneficiaries). Eligible beneficiaries include postdoctoral researchers, as well as assistant, associate or full professors affiliated with Ukrainian academic and/or research-performing institutions. Proof of affiliation of the beneficiary with a Ukrainian institution must be provided as part of the application.

How to apply

Applications will be received in 2 different rounds. To be considered for the first round, please submit your complete application by 1 July 2022. Information about the second round will be provided here in due course.

Applications must be submitted by the host institution and co-signed by the beneficiary. To submit an application, download the application form and send it by email to with the subject line “EFDS Application, Funding Line 1.”