European Fund for Displaced Scientists: An ALLEA-Breakthrough Prize Foundation Partnership to Support Scholars Impacted by the War in Ukraine

ALLEA is partnering with the Breakthrough Prize Foundation to support scholars and scientific institutions impacted by the war in Ukraine. The programme, endowed with $1.5 million, will provide funding to academic institutions in Europe to host displaced scholars. The initiative will also benefit affected Ukrainian universities, academies, and research institutes in maintaining their operations and rebuilding their scientific facilities and research collaborations.

The programme, which is set to launch this spring, has two main aims:

  • provide immediate assistance to scholars in the continuation of their research in a safe environment by providing funds to academic host institutions across Europe for up to one year.
  • to facilitate support to Ukrainian institutions to continue their operations, rebuild their research networks, and foster the return of scientists to Ukraine after the war.

The Call for Applications will be soon available on this page. Academic institutions from Council of Europe member states that are accepting Ukrainian refugees will be able to apply for up to one year’s funding support. This funding will be used to finance new or existing positions for postdoctoral researchers, as well as assistant, associate, or full professors affiliated with Ukrainian research-performing institutions.

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