Young Academy Finland: report on the needs of Ukrainian researchers

The Young Academy Finland has published a report entitled “Assistance for Ukrainian researchers: needs, mechanisms, recommendations” featuring the needs of Ukrainian researchers. This report is based on research conducted by Maryna Smahina within a special short-term project initiated by the Academy.

The aim of the project was to identify the current situation and needs of Ukrainian researchers residing in Finland or staying in Ukraine and needing additional support to continue their work. Furthermore, the measures have been studied aiming at supporting Ukrainian science during the challenging time.

The report is available in English and Ukrainian. It focuses on the needs of Ukrainian researchers who are both staying in Ukraine and migrated to Finland, as well as investigates how these needs have evolved over the past year. The report is divided into three parts, the first of which deals with the needs of Ukrainian researchers in Ukraine and in Finland. The second part provides an overview of Finland’s main supporting institutions and programs, while the third part offers recommendations for further support.

The report’s findings are based on discussions with the Ukrainian academic community, representatives from Finnish supporting institutions, open data, and previously conducted surveys. One of the most significant findings is that Ukrainian researchers who are residing in Ukraine require immediate assistance and hope for the future. As the vast majority (around 88%) of Ukrainian researchers stay or return to Ukraine, it is crucial to address their needs with substantial support, such as financial assistance and  energy independence. Additionally, institutional cooperation is critical for advancing science in Ukraine, as it will guarantee the sustainability of all the support currently being provided to Ukrainian researchers, as well as contribute to more enduring and mutually beneficial cooperation results.