Anastasiia ZOLOTAROVA & Danylo RADCHENKO win ERC Starting Grants

The European Research Council has announced the names of the winners of the Starting Grant 2022.

Anastasiia Zolotarova is the leader of the TINY (Two Isotopes for Neutrinoless double beta decaY search) project at IRFU (The IRFU, Institute for Research on the fundamental laws of the universe, of the Fundamental Research Division of the CEA, which brings together three scientific disciplines, astrophysics, nuclear physics and particle physics, as well as al the associated technological expertise). Her project “Two Isotopes for Neutrinoless double beta decaY search” consists of developing high-resolution bolometric detectors to carry out an experiment aimed at finding the effects of new physics beyond the standard model of particle physics. Anastasiia graduated with MSc in High Energy Physics form the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 2015.

Danylo Radchenko, CNRS researcher working at Laboratoire Paul Painlevé at the University of Lille, for his project “Fourier Interpolation and Extremal Problems”