Funding Call “Global Issues – Preventing Pandemics: the Role of Human-Environmental Interactions”, apply by 4 November

This VolkswagenStiftung call for funding is part of a broader international funding framework entitled “Global Issues – Integrating Different Perspectives”, which aims to enable international research collaboration and to generate new insights on understudied issues of global relevance.

Funding & Duration: For each project up to 1.5 million Euro will be provided for up to 4 years.

Consortia: inter- and transdisciplinary research teams (scholars from humanities or social sciences working together with natural, life or engineering scientists, plus societal stakeholders). Funding will be provided for small, but strongly interacting, interdisciplinary research consortia of 3 to 5 researchers who design and conduct a project together with societal stakeholders in a transdisciplinary way.

Involvement of 3-5 researchers from at least 3 different countries (including at least 1 applicant from a German university/research institution and at least 2 from institutions in 2 different non-European Low and Middle Income Countries).

Project consortia should follow integrative approaches, teaming up with different scientific disciplines as well as researchers and actors beyond academia.