EU, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships: apply by 9 September

There are two types of fellowships aimed at experienced researchers (at least 4 years of research experience, which includes PhD training or simlar):

  1. Global Fellowships are based on a secondment to a third country and a mandatory 12 month return period to a European host;
  2. European Fellowships (in EU Member States or H2020 Associated Countries) aimed at researchers either coming to Europe from any country in the world or moving within Europe.
  • Direct return to and long-term reintegration of researchers in Europe, including in their country of origin, is supported via a separate multi-disciplinary reintegration panel
  • Support to individuals to resume research in Europe after a career break (at least 12 months within the 18 months immediately prior to the deadline for submission), e.g. after parental leave or due to recent migration, is ensured via a separate multi-disciplinary career restart panel
  • If hosted by an organisation from the non-academic sector – will be supported via a separate multi-disciplinary society and enterprise panel of the European Fellowships. The objective of this panel is to facilitate career moves between the academic and nonacademic sectors, to stimulate innovation, and to open attractive career opportunities for researchers outside academia.
  • The Widening Fellowships provide specific support to researchers to undertake their fellowship in a widening member or associated country (including Ukraine).
  • Researchers receiving an Individual Fellowship may opt to include a secondment phase in Europe (3-6 months, can be split), notably in the non-academic sector, within the overall duration of their fellowship. In the Global Fellowships, such a secondment can also take place at the start of the action at the beneficiary or a partner organisation in Europe for a maximum of 3 months, allowing the researcher to spend time there before moving on to a partner organisation in a third country

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