UKRAINE: Meet Fulbright Scholars 2016-2017 in Ukraine

11 researchers and four students from different fields of research and various U.S. universities, including Yale School of Medicine and Yara Arts Group in New York, will come for a research stay at a broad range of Ukrainian universities and research associations. They research projects range from investigating the heritage of Les Kurbas, a famous Ukrainian theatre director, to studying the curriculum at medical schools in Ukraine and comparing them to leading medical schools in Europe and in the U.S., from teaching a course in financial mathematics to assessing traumatic stress and resilience in Ukraine, among others. In addition seven Fulbright English teaching assistants will commence their work to support and improve teaching of English at Ukrainian universities. Furthermore two Fulbright-Clinton Scholars will contribute to important political topics: Combatting Propaganda and Connecting with Citizens through Social Media in Ukraine at the Ministry of Education and Science and Coordination Centre for Legal Aid at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.