GERMANY, Greifswald: 21st Greifswalder Ukrainicum

21st Greifswalder Ukrainicum: Closing Pandora’s Box. Ukraine’s Path to Peace, 8–20.08.2016

The “Greifswalder Ukrainicum” is an international summer school on science, culture and language of Ukraine. It has been organized since 2005 by the University of Greifswald and the Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald, and is funded by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung (Essen, Germany). Internationally renowned scholars offer Ukrainian language courses and seminars on various topics from literature, politics, and history, which provide a unique opportunity to learn more about the cultural diversity and historical complexity of Ukraine. In the last few years the Ukrainicum has focused on current events and the contemporary history of Ukraine (Euromaidan, Crimea’s annexation and the war in Eastern Ukraine) with overall topics “Beyond War and Peace. Conflict, Migration, and Civil Society in Contemporary Ukraine” (2015) and “Closing Pandora’s Box. Ukraine’s Path to Peace” (2016). This year over 45 participants from all over the world – Austria and China, Germany and Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine gathered in Greifswald. Workshops and seminars were led by Roman Dubasevych (Greifswald), Volodymyr Ishchenko (Kyїv), Olena Styazhkina (Donec’k/Vinnycja) and Alois Woldan (Wien). Moreover, distinguished scientists gave lectures and participated in the panel discussions: Balázs Jarábik (Bratislava), Lars Karl (Greifswald/Leipzig), Oksana Mikheyeva (Donec’k), Konstantin Reutskyy (Luhans’k) and Daniel Weiss (Zürich). The next summer school is expected to take place in August 2017.