Call for Proposals of Panels and Roundtables invited by 15 March 2024: Annual Conference of the New Initiative, RUTA Association for Central, South, Eastern Europe, Baltic, Caucasus, Central and Northern Asia Studies in Global Conversation

The RUTA Association has been launched to promote and support Central, South, Eastern European, Baltic, Caucasus, Central and Northern Asia studies. The founding of the RUTA Association aims to transform the regions’ positions from objects of study to active and visible epistemic agents.

RUTA centers and builds on the knowledge, scholarly traditions, and expertise of scholars, artists and social justice advocates in the regions. It grows from epistemic communities and solidarity networks formed in response to russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

The inaugural RUTA Association Annual Conference “RE(KN)OWN REGION(S) from WITHIN” will be held in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine, on 27-30 June 2024 (you can donate here: please see this call for donations to support the event organisation published by Dr. Franziska Davies and Dr. Botakoz Kassymbekova).

There will be a limited number of travel grants that participants in need of financial assistance and without institutional funding can apply for. Ukrainian citizens currently residing in Ukraine will be exempt from conference fees in 2024.