London Ukrainian Review publishes new issue “War on the Environment”

The London Ukrainian Review is an open-access journal that tackles global challenges through the prism of Ukraine while adopting a distinctly internationalist perspective on the Ukrainian past and present. It not only counters the clichéd portrayal of Ukrainian culture, society, and politics but also highlights forgotten aspects of history, firmly situating the country in the global context. The journal’s pool of contributors unites creative practitioners, writers, academics, policymakers, and Ukraine experts, providing an independent platform for cross-cultural dialogue. 

The London Ukrainian Review was founded in 2021 as a special publication of the Ukrainian Institute London (UIL). Its initial issues explored the three decades after Ukraine’s referendum for independence, Ukraine’s traditions of defiance seen through the writing of Lesia Ukrainka, Ukrainian war literature, and the legacy of Victoria Amelina.

In 2024, the Ukrainian Institute London partnered with the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) and Academic Studies Press (ASP) to relaunch the London Ukrainian Review as a regular index journal published three times per year and searchable across all major scholarly databases. The fourth print issue will present a selection of the year’s best articles. At the same time, the journal remains committed to publishing thought-provoking and engaging open-access content.