GERMANY, Open Call: Research Collaboration between Germany and countries of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia, apply by 18 January 2024

This funding opportunity (information in German) aligns with the German Federal Government’s strategy to internationalize education, science, and research. This initiative aims to promote projects fostering research and innovation collaboration with Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries.

The call is open to institutions and researchers in Germany interested in collaborating with partners from the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) and Central Asian countries.

Key Objectives:

  • Initiate or strengthen research structures and networks in partner countries.
  • Enhance access to thematic networks and research resources in the European Research Area.
  • Establish partnerships with long-term strategies to strengthen institutions in partner countries.

Funding Details:

  1. Exploratory Phase (Module 2):
    • Funding: Up to €40,000 per project for the German side.
    • Duration: Up to nine months.
  2. Establishment of Partnerships (Module 9):
    • Funding: Up to €400,000 per project for the German side.
    • Possibility to allocate part of the funding to foreign partners.
    • Duration: Up to 36 months.

Application Process:

  • Submit project outlines via the electronic Skizzentool “easy-Online” by 18 January  2024.
  • For exploratory measures, the deadline is 18 January  2024.
  • For partnership establishment, the deadline is either 18 January 2024 or 15 January  2026.

Project Outline Requirements:

Include information on the project coordinator, German and foreign partners, project goals, current state of science and technology, assessment of utilization/application possibilities, estimated expenses, and more.

Contact for Inquiries:

DLR Projektträger
Europäische und internationale Zusammenarbeit
Heinrich-Konen-Straße 1
53227 Bonn