qUA: a quantum work group of the Ukrainian Physical Society established

A team of Ukrainian scientists and researchers of Ukrainian-origin working abroad has established a work group aiming at developing collaboration in the domain of quantum technologies among Ukraine, the EU, and the US.

In the near future, qUA will focus on two principal actions:

  • Preparing and distributing bulletins informing Ukrainian scientists about collaboration opportunities. Aimed at the scientists inside Ukraine, the mailings are written in Ukrainian and can be accessed and subscribed to at https://quantumua.substack.com/
  • Conducting a survey of quantum research activities in Ukraine, in order to showcase the landscape of Ukrainian quantum research and thus facilitate both cross-border and inside-Ukraine collaborations, ultimately building a vibrant community

If you are looking for Ukrainian partners in a research project or have other suggestions, send us a message to qua.ups@gmail.com, and this information will be included in the future qUA information bulletins.

Currently, qUA consists of

The US-Ukraine Quantum Forum

Among the first actions of qUA organized a US-Ukraine Quantum Forum, the first event to unite quantum researchers from the United States and Ukraine. A member of qUA, Kharkiv-based Andrii Sotnikov was an initiator and a leading organizer of this event that stands as a symbol of strengthening bilateral collaboration and Ukraine’s potential for revitalization.

The resounding success of this week-long inaugural event, encompassing discussions on quantum information, computing, communication, optics, and more, has left an indelible mark. Beyond the scientific achievements, it’s worth noting that this forum provided support to Ukrainian physicists via Office of Naval Research Global Grant, offering a sense of solidarity amidst the brutal russian war on Ukraine.

As organizers express their intent to make this a recurring event, it is evident that the future holds exciting prospects for quantum research and US-Ukraine cooperation.

If interested in future events, please visit https://usuaqforum.github.io