Twinning: collaboration program between UK and UA universities

Twinning is an institution-to-institution collaboration and support framework that allows HEIs worldwide to support their Ukrainian counterparts in real and specific ways. The aim is to establish more than 100 long-term and sustainable partnerships between Ukrainian institutions and International Partners to support Ukrainian students, faculty and staff during the war and beyond. The Initiative is coordinated by Cormack Consultancy Group with the support of Universities UK International the President’s Fund of Ukraine for Education, Science, and Sports.

The Twinning program was launched in March 2022, and a year later counted more than 100 twins working on over 500 projects. The initiative is free of charge and is based on academic autonomy, initiative, responsibility and integrity. Joining the twinning program includes five steps: registration, matching process, introductory meeting, six follow-ups/monthly
catch-ups followed by systemic help.

Within the Twinning program, support can be provided on the following levels:

  • Mobility programmes for students and staff
  • Access to libraries, repositories, online courses
  • Scholarships for short-term postgraduate research, cotutelle models
  • Upskilling programmes for staff
  • Connecting student unions
  • Research projects and consortia for grant application
  • Fundraising or creating a fund to restore destroyed facilities of Ukrainian university
  • English language courses
  • TNE partnerships