Academy of Finland: Open Call for inviting researchers from Ukraine to Finland, apply by 20 September

The aim of the present call is to support researchers at risk whose work in Ukraine has been prevented by Russia’s attack in 2022. The Finnish inviter (or research team) and the invitee should be a good fit from the viewpoint of the research theme or other scientific competence. The funding covers the researcher’s mobility costs (necessary travel and living expenses) during the research to be carried out in Finland. Funding for the actual research work must be obtained from other sources.

23 Aug 2023
20 Sep 2023 at 16.15 Finnish time
1 Jan 2024–31 Dec 2026
  • applied for by a researcher from Finland
  • applied for to invite a researcher from Ukraine to Finland; invitee may have already fled from Ukraine to Finland or another country following the attack by Russia in 2022
  • covers a visit of no more than 24 months
  • indicative size of funding: €43,500/year for individual researcher, €57,000/year for researcher with family