Data Project: A year of full-scale war (in graphs), presented at the data-journalism conference “Visualizing Uncertainty”

The annual data-journalism conference “Visualizing Knowledge” is being organized since 2012 by the Aalto University in Finland. This year’s conference hold the title “Visualizing Uncertainty” and included a talk on “Data visualisation during wartime” by Nadja Kelm, who presented the data project “A year of full-scale war (in graphs)”.

The data project “A year of full-scale war (in graphs)” visualised the data collected and analysed by, a small independent media based in Kyiv related to the war in Ukrainian territory. The project includes a wide range of data being collected, analysed and visualized from the beginning of the full-scale war, among others changes in the light pollution map in Kyiv, power outages in Kyiv and Lviv, missile attacks and shelling in Ukraine, grain volumes illegitimately exported from Ukraine. Besides that, the phenomenon of occupation of telegram channels was studied and the situation in an imaginable Ukrainian trench was modelled, which helped to imagine the situation faced by the people on battlefields.

The project results have been mostly obtained based on the information from manually collected data, satellite images, information collected by code, as well as information from eyewitnesses – soldiers sitting in a trench and describing the day in detail – which makes the project results especially outstanding.

The full text of the Nadja Kelm’s talk, as well as some visualized project results, are available at