Poetry Workshop for Refugees

The Poetry Project e.V., a Berlin-based association, introduces a new initiative “Tomorrow’s Germans – Contemporary Witnesses to the Future” in collaboration with PEN Berlin.

The project aims to gather young refugees from Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Eritrea, and Ukraine in Berlin for a year-long series of workshops. During these workshops, professional authors and translators will provide guidance as the participants collaboratively write lyrical texts. The resulting works will be shared through readings and published on the website in multiple languages. The project aims to amplify a diverse range of voices and counteract racist, anti-democratic values, as well as social polarization.

The association Poetry Project e.V. is dedicated to creating a platform for refugees to share their stories through the art of poetry. In the past, a dialogue project was successfully organized from 2017 to 2019, bringing together young individuals with and without refugee backgrounds in a safe and poetic environment. Commencing in July, poetry workshops will be conducted in small groups within the current project.

Young individuals (approximately aged 15-25) with refugee backgrounds who are interested in joining the project are invited to register for participation. Previous experience is not required, the primary value is laid on openness and the exchange of stories.