ASEEES Data Project on Displaced Ukrainian Scholars

Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) in conjunction with Harvard University’s Ukrainian Research Institute (HURI) and the Davis Center are working together to assess the scope of displacement of Ukrainian scholars due to Russia’s war in Ukraine and are announcing a data-gathering project.

Help to Disseminate the Questionnaire!

The purpose of the project is to assess the extent of assistance needed and to collect preliminary information about those who need it. Many institutions and foundations have been providing and wish to provide more support and are looking for more detailed information on the scope of displacement. This project intends to use aggregated and anonymized data to explain the scope of the problem to granting organizations and foundations that are developing programs to provide support and funding.

Scholars in ALL disciplines who had to flee Ukraine or have become internally displaced within Ukraine due to the war are asked to complete this short questionnaire. Respondents can remain anonymous as they fill out the survey.

Also, the goal is to provide useful information on available resources to those who respond to this questionnaire. ASEEES and HURI will seek to provide targeted information on specific opportunities and resources based on the respondent’s discipline and location of current residence.

Please disseminate the questionnaire to your colleagues and contacts as widely as possible.