GERMANY, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Philipp Schwartz Initiative, nominations are invited till 21 October 2022

The Philipp Schwartz Initiative enables universities and research institutions in Germany to host researchers (who hold a doctoral degree) at risk on the basis of a full fellowship. The programme allows researchers who are no longer able to work in their own countries because they are threatened or persecuted to continue their work at German universities and research institutions. In addition to the main programme Ukrainian researchers can be funded through the MSCA4Ukraine initiative.

Host institutions receive funding which is composed of two components:

  • Fellowship amount: Sponsorship covers a fixed-amount fellowship. It is earmarked for a period of up to 24 months; application may be made during the initial fellowship period for an extension of up to 12 months in the framework of a co-financing model.
  • Allowance for host institution: The host institution receives a lump sum allowance of € 20,000 for each individual sponsored.

Eligible to apply are HEIs & research organizations in Germany. Please note that researchers cannot apply for this programme directly. Interested researchers should contact potential host institutions in Germany that can then make an application.


  • Applications for the 12th call (Application forms) of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative can be submitted until 21 October 2022.
  • The results of the selection process will be published in late February 2023.
  • Fellowships can be started as of 1 April 2023.

Further information on the required threat assessments is available here.