Certificate Programme ‘Public Leadership and Administration’ for (Future) Senior Civil Servants in the Ukrainian Government and Administration: apply by 25 April

Managing the consequences of the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, the reconstruction of the destroyed cities, industries and infrastructures as well as supporting the Ukrainian people in overcoming the individual economic and psychological consequences of the war will require a robust Ukrainian administration that is able to ensure that national and international relief programmes reach, are accessible and are used where they are needed most. Besides, in order to prepare the Ukraine for an EU membership, the implementation of the acquis communautaire will impose similar challenges to the administration at a national, regional and local level.

The aim of the Certificate Programme ‘Public Leadership and Administration’ of the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer is to share our knowledge and to support (future) senior civil servants and executives in the Ukrainian state, regional and local governments to develop the necessary skills to face these challenges. The programme offers courses on public leadership, law and public administration, comparative administration, public finance, European economic integration as well as public sector decision making and instruments to prevent and combat corruption.

The courses will take place from 11th May until 31st July (15 – 20 teaching hours per week). In order to obtain the certificate, participants will write a paper to be presented in a final course in October 2022. The courses are taught and the papers will be supervised by university professors and adjunct staff of law, economics as well as social and political sciences.

The programme aims at:

  1. Senior civil servants of the Ukrainian state, regional and local government (all departments) and lawyers specialized in administrative law,
  2. Ukrainian Post-Graduates and researchers in law, economics, administrative and political sciences and Ukrainians holding a Master’s degree or equivalent diploma that is recognised as an admission qualification for the Ukrainian higher administrative service, such as a Master’s degree in law, economics, administrative and political sciences and in natural sciences and engineering,
  3. Ukrainians holding a Bachelor’s degree in law, economics, administrative and political sciences whose Master’s studies have been interrupted due to the war.

The programme has been specifically designed for Ukrainians who have recently come to Germany. Speyer University can offer 20 – 25 study places. If more applications are received than there are places available, applicants from group 1 above will generally be given priority over applicants from groups 2 and 3, etc. Other criteria will be the English proficiency level and the ‘administrative proximity’ of the respective previous knowledge and professional experience.

Accommodation and other (financial) support

Participation in the programme as such is free of charge (no tuition fees). Speyer university can provide student accommodation (single rooms with en suite bathroom) on the campus for 20 students. Insofar as students are entitled to social welfare benefits, this entitlement should also extend to the rental costs. As far as we know, entitlements to welfare benefits that have already been approved can be transferred to Speyer for those who participate in the certificate programme. Details will be clarified with the City of Speyer in the near future; the same applies to the granting of scholarships.