DUAG member Prof. Yuri Gleba has donated EUR 100 thousand to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to support the defense against Russian aggression

Prof. Dr. Yuri (Jurijus) Gleba, renown scientist and entrepreneur, CEO and major shareholder of Nomad Bioscience GmbH, a German biotechnology company, member of the Academia EuropaeaLeopoldina and numerous other academies and regular member of the German-Ukrainian Academic Society (DUAG) has donated 100 thousand Euro to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to support the defense against Russian aggression.

Press-release, March 2022

Prof. Gleba also pledged his future support and expressed his gratitude to all researchers and businessmen worldwide who condemned the war of terrorist Russian state against Ukraine and are supporting Ukrainians in their patriotic fight.

Dr. Anatolii Gyrych, CSO of NOMAD and also a regular DUAG member, Prof. Yuri Gleba, and other Nomad colleagues are actively supporting Ukraine by donations, helping refugees, and providing help to their colleagues and other people in Ukraine.

Nomad Bioscience GmbH, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a private biotechnology company developing plant-made biopharmaceuticals, food additives, biomaterials and agronomic traits that address critical unmet needs. NOMAD’s plant-based transient protein expression technologies are licensed to several companies for a broad range of products. NOMAD’s product pipeline consists of several selected protein candidates for human and animal health, food safety and taste modification including antimicrobial proteins (colicins, lysins and other bacteriocins), antiviral proteins such as griffithsin and other lectins, as well as taste modifying proteins including thaumatins. NOMAD generously supports the UKRAINET PhD Thesis Presentation Contest since its inception in 2016.