Istoria: an online course on Ukrainian history (14 February – 4 April 2022)

The Ukrainian Institute London organizes an online course dedicated to the historical issues from the legacy of Kyivan Rus to contemporary perceptions of the Donbas. It will examine the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-21, the Holodomor, and the Second World War, looking at questions of individual survival, collective resistance, and national culture.

Programme includes:

  • Lecture by Olesya Khromeychuk “Does Ukraine have a history?“, 14 February
  • Lecture by Olenka Pevny  “Does Ukraine have a history?“, 21 February
  • Lecture by Serhy Yekelchyk  “What is the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-21?“, 28 February
  • Lecture by Daria Mattingly “What do we need to know about the Holodomor?“, 7 March
  • Lecture by Olesya Khromeychuk “Who collaborated and who resisted during the Second World War?“, 14 March
  • Lecture by  Oksana Kis “How did women survive the Gulag?“, 21 March
  • Lecture by  Mayhill Fowler “Was there Ukrainian culture in the USSR?“, 28 March
  • Lecture by Iryna Sklokina “Where is Donbas?“, 4 April

The course is held in English via Zoom with 8 weekly seminars. The fee for the full course: £240 (£170 students) OR £30/£22 per seminar.