EU Horizon Europe, Hop On Facility, expected first deadline: 20 April 2022

Hop On Facility, TOPIC ID: HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-ACCESS-07-01

The Hop On Facility allow to integrate 1 additional participant from a Widening country to an ongoing project under Pillar 2 or the EIC pathfinder scheme while topping up a relevant task or work package and the cost incurred by the additional participant. This will happen on a voluntary basis without affecting the freedom of choice for the consortium and the principle of excellence. The Hop On Facility is open to all topics under Pillar 2 and the EIC pathfinder. Applications with activities that contribute to the policy objective of the transition towards a green and digital economy are especially encouraged.

The action will be part of an existing project with a valid Grant Agreement. Applications must demonstrate the R&I added value of the new partner and present a visible and distinct work package for the acceding partner. Proposal should include a detailed description of the profile of the new partner and its role in the existing project. Selected consortia will be invited to submit an amendment request for accession of a new partner, modification of the description of the action and upgrade of the budget.

The budget increase must be exclusively account at the benefit of the new partner with the exception of a coordination fee of up to 10% of the increased budget to be allocated to the coordinator of the consortium.

Also see the Work Programme 2021-2022 11. Widening participation and strengthening the European Research Area

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