Unique historical testimonies of Ukrainian dissidents saved

26 tapes of video recordings of Ukrainian dissidents were saved in Canada by filmmaker Yuriy Lugovy and producer Zoryana Hrytsenko. These recordings are unique because they were made in the late 1970s and early 80s, documenting testimonies of people who have just got out of the Mordovian labor camps or survived the tortures in Soviet psychiatric hospitals. These videos include testimonies and speeches of the leaders of the dissident movement Petro Hryhorenko, Valentyn Moroz, Nadiya Svitlichna and other Ukrainian prisoners of the Soviet Union.

The first restored recording featuring dissident Valentyn Moroz has already been published on the YouTube channel of Yuri Lugovy. The recordings with Viktor Borovsky and Petro Grygorenko are expected to be released shortly, with others to follow.

Read the full story by Dmytro Dzhulai on Радіо Свобода (in Ukrainian)