Delegation of the Kyiv City State Administration and Academ.City team visit Berlin

The Academ.City project team together with responsible representatives of the Kyiv City State Administration came to Berlin on 29 November – 3 December 2021. The Academ.City brings together leading actors of the innovation ecosystem of Ukraine from both basic research and business to foster their mutually beneficial collaboration and exploit synergies. The main goal of the future innovation park “Academ.City” is to advance scientific and technological developments to higher levels of readiness and stimulate their further commercialization. Earlier we reported about the launch of the Academic.City Science Park.

The goal of this working visit was to study the experience of the leading German science and technology parks “Adlershof” and BioTech Berlin-Buch. The Ukrainian delegation included among others:

  • Dr. Anatoly Bagan (Department of Industry and Enterprises, Kyiv City State Administration/KMDA),
  • Dr. habil. Olexandra Antoniouk (Kyiv Academic University),
  • Dr. habil. Kateryna Pershyna (V.I. Vernadsky Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine),
  • Dr. habil. Ostap Zgalat-Lozynsky (I.M. Frantsevych Institute for Material Sciences, NAS of Ukraine),

The intensive program of this visit included numerous bilateral meetings with representatives of WISTA Management GmbH, the Senate of Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin and the leadership of both Science Parks, workshops and discussions.

The organization of this visit was supported by the German-Ukrainian Academic Society.

More (in Ukrainian):

The conceptual phase of the Academ.City project has been supported through the BMBF-funded joint project “Scientific support for the establishment of a technology park (Academ.City) in cooperation with the Kyiv Academic University (KAU) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAS of Ukraine)”; sub-project: Overall concept of the technology park and sub-project : Scientific potential and regional analysis (01.09.2019 – 31.12.2021).