New Publications on Populism in Ukraine and Beyond

DUAG associate member Kostiantyn Yanchenko, PhD student at the Department for Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Hamburg, has recently published results of his research on modern Ukrainian populism.

Kostiantyn’s research interests include populism and media & communication developments in Ukraine and other post-communist countries. In his PhD project, he is focusing on political storytelling in general and populist narratives in particular.
  • Yanchenko, K. (2021). “We Won`t Have Another Chance if We Lose This Battle Now”: Populism on Ukrainian Television Political Talk Shows ahead of the Presidential Elections 2019. East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies, 8(2), 275-306, doi:
  • Yanchenko, K. (2021). Conceptualizing a Populist Narrative: Rationales, Attributes, Implications. Populism, 4(2), 199–220, doi:

Recently Kostiantyn Yanchenko together with another DUAG associate member Alona Shestopalova initiated and implemented a peer-mentoring project Ukrainian Academic Accelerator (UAA), supported by our Society, to foster research skills of future journalists in Ukraine.