Student exchange project Oldenburg-Kyiv

Since 2015, an annual student exchange project has been carried between the Department of Civil Engineering Geoinformation and Health Technology of the Jade University of Applied Sciences in Oldenburg, Germany and the Kyiv National University for Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) in Ukraine. This bilateral student exchange has been initiated by the DUAG member Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Thomas Luhmann.

The project uses terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry to record complex objects and process them into 3D models. The project takes place in the summer semester, one week in Kyiv and one week in Oldenburg. Participation is free of charge, as the project is financed by the Internationalisation Fund of the Jade University of Applied Sciences. 

Photogrammetry is the technology of reconstructing any object three-dimensionally with the help of images. Applications range from the evaluation of aerial and satellite images to close-range work in industry, architecture and construction, archaeology and monument preservation or medicine. Terrestrial laser scanning is mainly used for the 3D acquisition of larger objects, e.g. buildings, plants, monuments or traffic accidents. 

German and Ukrainian students work on their project independently in mixed groups, from planning the measurement to managing time and resources to evaluating and presenting the results. Communication takes place in English. In addition, there are excursions, evening meetings and intercultural exchange at all levels. According to the unanimous opinion of all participants, the project is a highlight in the studies. It has brought completely new experiences and contributes to a comprehensive learning success. As a result genuine friendships have developed among the students that will last far beyond the project period. 

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