Eugenia Lopata, the director of the Poetry Festival “Meridian Czernowitz”, distinguished by the award of the president of Germany

Eugenia Lopata, the director of the Poetry Festival “Meridian Czernowitz“, was awarded the Medal of Merit, one of the highest civilian award of Germany. The head of the cultural department of the German Embassy in Ukraine, Katharina Schaupp-Karmann, presented the award on the day of the opening of the 12th Festival of Poetry in Chernivtsi.

Archive of the 2021 Festival

This International Poetry Festival is an event built on the foundation of Chernivtsi’s cultural heritage. The aim of the festival is to establish Chernivtsi on the cultural map of Europe and to develop a dialogue between contemporary Ukrainian poets and their foreign colleagues.

Participants of the festival are well-known and aspiring poets from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, the USA, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, etc. However, the main participant of the festival is the city itself, where numerous poetic readings, lectures, discussions, book presentations, literary walks, music-poetry evenings, wine-cigar poetry evenings and theatre performances take place.

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