Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2020: Ukraine makes it to the top 30 globally and Kyiv has become a European hub

Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2020 has been published by Startupblink. “Ukraine has jumped two positions from last year to 29th, placing it in the top 30 ecosystems worldwide. Kyiv, the capital, increased by 2 spots to a respectable 32 globally. … Kyiv is a top 10 ranked European city at 8th, a tremendous feat given the strength of the competition.

The Ukrainian ecosystem has 7 cities ranked in total with the city of Dnipro making its first appearance in 2020. However, not all is positive. The 5 Ukrainian cities other than Kyiv and Dnipro have decreased in the rankings. Not even one Ukrainian city outside Kyiv ranked in the top 300; the massive disparity between Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities is not sustainable in the long term.”