Exploring The Ukrainian Troy

Archeological treasure trove points to Mykolaiv’s ancient origins and has a potential to rewrite history books, but underfunding prevents full analysis of this exciting site.

In the recent article (09 July 2017) Business Ukraine magazine reports on the archeological site in the south of Ukraine known locally as “Dykyi Sad”/“Diki Sad” (“Wild Garden”). It has been dated back to the 12th century BC. The site has all the indications of a significant urban dwelling probably polulated by around 700 people, making it a relatively large city for its time. This is against the accepted archeological wisdom for the period, which has long held that the southern Ukrainian steppe lands were pulated by nomadic tribes only. This nomadic thesis has served to create the image of southern Ukraine as the borderland between so-called civilised and steppe cultures.

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