Report: Climate damage caused by russian war in Ukraine in 24 months

Center for Environmental Initiatives Ecoaction draws attention to the report on climate famage caused by war. The Initiative on Greenhouse Gas Accounting of War (IGGAW) assesses the total climate damage caused by the russian federation in two years of full-scale invasion of Ukraine at $32 billion. In the 24 months since the invasion emissions have reached 175 million tons of carbon dioxide. This exceeds the annual emissions of a highly industrialized country like The Netherlands, putting 90 million new petrol cars on the road, or building 260 coal-fired power units of 200 MW each.

This report was made possible with support by the European Climate Foundation (ECF) and by the Environmental Policy and Advocacy Initiative in Ukraine (EPAIU). The EPAIU has been implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) with the financial support of Sweden.

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