Interview with Physicist Lesya Shchutska, winner of the Swiss Science Prize Latsis 2023

Physicist Lesya Shchutska, EPFL professor and winner of the Swiss Science Prize Latsis 2023, is paving the way for the discovery of new particles.

Lesya Shchutska was born in 1985 in Ukraine, where she went to school. She gained her Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in particle physics at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology before moving to EPFL to study for her doctorate, which she obtained in 2012. After that, Lesya Shchutska did postdoctoral research at CERN with the University of Florida group. She was then awarded an ERC Starting Grant andbecame an Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich. Since 2019 she has been a Tenure Track Assistant Professor in the Institute of Physics at EPFL.

Worth 100,000 Swiss francs, the Swiss Science Prize Latsis – formerly National Latsis Prize – rewards researchers up to the age of 40 for outstanding achievements in basic science. Their work must be distinguished by a high degree of independence and scientific quality.

The SNSF awards the prize annually on behalf of the Latsis Foundation of Geneva. The winner is chosen by the National Research Council.