Open Call: Become a Founding Member of the Young Network TransEurope, apply until 18 April

The call for founding members to join the Young Network TransEurope (YNT) is now open. Ambitious early- to mid-career scholars who combine excellence in research with a demonstrated passion for delivering impact and who strive for a further European rapprochement are invited to apply.

The Young Network TransEurope

In the wake of Russia’s criminal war against Ukraine it has become clear that expertise on the countries that are often misleadingly bundled together under the label “Eastern Europe” has been neglected and marginalised in Germany and its western neighbour states. The diversity of these countries in the north, south and centre of the continent is enormous.

Recently, the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Junge Akademie (the first academy for outstanding early career researchers and artists from German-speaking countries) and its partners have published a manifesto addressing these issues. The foundation of the YNT constitutes the next step in filling this gap. It aims at generating a deeper understanding of the multiple European perspectives by bringing together outstanding multipliers from different academic fields and diverse European regions, catalysing new ideas and concrete initiatives on the ground. They will focus on transcending borders, be they geographical, cultural, scientific or disciplinary. Due to the war, the special emphasis of the network’s work will lie on Ukraine and its neighbouring states.

Members will be elected into the YNT for five years and gain the opportunity to initiate interdisciplinary and transnational projects with their colleagues, expand their networks, and use the network as a platform to intervene into public and policy debates, thus amplifying the impact of their research. Via the “nodes” of the network, i. e. a diverse range of prestigious scientific institutions in different countries such as (Young) Academies, Institutes for Advanced Study and Universities, they will gain new contacts and improved access to different scientific communities.

In mid-October 2024, the YNT will be constituted during the international conference “Reclaiming Europe” at the European Solidarność Centre in Gdańsk (Poland). Here, the founding members will have the opportunity to interact with leading European researchers and intellectuals, in order to advance their ideas and to generate further projects together. The conference title implies both the defence of Europe against autocratic tendencies as well as making hitherto neglected European regions more visible in their centrality for the continent. Founding members will have the unique opportunity to shape parts of the design of the conference.

Expectations / Selection Criteria

Apart from fulfilling the criteria for excellence in research (i. e. demonstrated achievements), members are expected to have an outstanding track record of engagement, leadership and enthusiasm for innovation and social impact. They are expected to provide evidence for their vision and commitment to the YNT and apply with ideas for projects operating at the research-society-policy interface. These must aim at intervening into public debates, questioning “common sense” assumptions about the so-called “East” and/or at producing concrete impact “on the ground”. The projects should transcend national boundaries, while addressing topics related to and/or mitigating the consequences of the current war.

Applicants should be in the early to middle years of their independent research careers, i. e. approximately 3 to 7 years from completing their doctoral degree and aged 30–40. Applicants falling outside these ranges are still invited to send their applications with a justification for why they should be considered (e. g. career breaks due to illness, care responsibilities, scholars at risk etc.). Applicants must have the capacity to actively contribute to the YNT during their five year membership. An attendance of the conference “Reclaiming Europe” between the 13th and 15th of October 2024 is expected.

All disciplines, including STEM, are welcome to apply.

More information on the application process are available here.