Mental Health Assessment App Launched for Displaced Ukrainians in the United Kingdom

Health Tech Without Borders, in partnership with Sora Union and Mindstep, has launched a free mental health application for displaced Ukrainians in the UK.

“Mindstep for Ukraine” provides UK-based Ukrainians with access to gold-standard assessments and tools for neurological and mental health conditions. To enhance effectiveness, the teams encourage users to sign up, play a pivotal role in refining the app, and contribute critical insights into neurological conditions.

In commitment to supporting Ukrainian communities, HTWB intends to expand the project to all Ukrainians, including those displaced. This expansion will enable it to extend its reach and provide vital mental health support to Ukrainians in the EU and Ukraine, acknowledging the widespread impact of displacement and conflict.

The “Mindstep for Ukraine” mental health app is free for Ukrainians living in the UK and can be downloaded from Apple Store.

A generous donation of $10 will help improve one adult’s mental health and well-being by providing free access to the “Mindstep for Ukraine” application. Donate here.

About Health Tech Without Borders: Health Tech Without Borders, Inc. (HTWB) is a global non-profit organization that supports local communities affected by sudden humanitarian emergencies via digital tools. As an innovation hub, HTWB collaborates with international public and private partners to provide access to care and health education to those afflicted by conflict and climate change. HTWB focuses on supporting any person affected by humanitarian disasters while remaining non-sectarian and apolitical.