Call for applications: Thematic week “Human rights in times of multiple challenges – perspectives from science and society”, apply by 4 May 2023

With the thematic week “Human rights in times of multiple challenges: perspectives from science and society” (November 6-8, 2023), the Volkswagen Foundation offers an opportunity to reflect on research questions on human rights jointly with researchers and stakeholders from (civil) society.

Applications can be submitted in German or English

In the focus of these events are research questions, which address how the research on human rights has changed, which new scientific research questions have emerged, and in which direction the political and societal discussion of human rights might turn in the future. For this purpose, in addition to the program of the funded symposia, there will also be joint slots for exchange between the participants of all symposia.

  • Area of research: Humanities and social sciences
  • Aimed at: researchers at German universities/research institutes, possibly with international co-applicants

It is possible to apply for events that take into account the global challenges with regard to human rights, e.g. the analysis of or the comparison between international events where human rights are violated. Furthermore, the thematic topics could deal with research questions that analyze the implementation, defense or the questioning of human rights within societies.

Symposia should have a clear focus within this outline and develop a program in order to deal with this in an interdisciplinary manner and with an international group of participants. Furthermore, stakeholders from (civil) society should be involved. Applicants should also
explain how they plan to transfer the knowledge gained at the symposia beyond the academic communities to the wider public.

Symposia funded by the Foundation take place at the conference center Xplanatorium Herrenhausen Palace, Hannover, within the framework of the Volkswagen Foundation’s Thematic Weeks”. It is planned to fund a total of two to four symposia and to bring them
together in a joint thematic week.

Funds may be requested to cover the following costs:

  • Personnel costs
  • Nonpersonnel costs, e.g.
    • Expenses for accommodation for all participants 
    • Travel expenses for all participants
    • Consumables
    • Expense allowances for freelancers (e.g. journalists), who are actively involved in the event
    • Funds for child care cost
  • Publication expenses 

As part of the grant, the following services are provided by the Volkswagen Foundation:

  • hotel reservations (please do not make any bookings yourself)
  • provision of conference equipment at the conference center Herrenhausen Palace
  • catering at the conference center Herrenhausen Palace

Applications can be submitted in German or English.

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