Next round for the Wildau-Kharkiv-IT-Bridge

With the follow-up funding for 2023 of the DAAD program “Ukraine digital – Ensuring academic success in times of crisis” the Technical University of Wildau goes into the second round. Study-modules relevant to the IT-sector are offered to students all over Ukraine on the teaching platform Wildau-Kharkiv-IT-Bridge hosted by the National University of Radioelectronics Kharkiv.

60 lecturers from 9 universities in Kharkiv are supported by TH Wildau for the next two semesters. In the last term the programme succeeded in reaching a quarter million recipients via social media channels and had finally 2500 students registered. With a substantially reduced budget of 150.000 Euro per year this program does not offer mobility nor German courses anymore.

The project is led and coordinated by Prof. Dr. Alina Nechyporenko together with Prof. Dr. Marcus Frohme as responsible chair, both DUAG members.