USA, Harvard: Jacyk Distinguished Fellowships, apply by 31 January 2023

Jacyk Distinguished Fellowships are designed to bring senior scholars to Harvard University for one academic term of focused research in Ukrainian history, literature, philology, culture, and other related areas of study in the humanities and social sciences fields.

While in residence, the Jacyk Distinguished Fellow will use Harvard’s unique resources to work on significant and innovative projects in Ukrainian studies, and in general to further his or her professional development. In addition, the Jacyk Distinguished Fellow will preside over the Petro Jacyk Seminar in Ukrainian Studies, a forum presented as part of the HURI Seminar Series in Ukrainian Studies.

Applications for Academic Year 2023-2024 are due JANUARY 31, 2023. One Jacyk Distinguished Fellowship is awarded every one or two years, at the discretion of the fellowship committee.

Duration: Jacyk Distinguished Fellowships support visiting scholars for one academic semester (typically 5 months) beginning either September 1st or February 1st, corresponding with Harvard’s Fall or Spring term. Fellows must be in residence at Harvard for all, or nearly all, of this period.


HURI’s fellowships support independent research on topics pertaining to Ukraine while in residence at Harvard University. Scholars of the humanities and social sciences who hold a doctorate degree or its academic equivalent (eg. kandydat nauk) and who have demonstrated a commitment to Ukrainian studies are eligible to apply.

All senior scholars in the field of Ukrainian studies are eligible to apply for a Jacyk Distinguished Fellowship. Successful applicants typically have tenure at their home institution and have published widely, including monographs that have had a major impact on their field of research. Nominations may also be submitted.

Important: Applicants must be eligible to receive and maintain a short-term J-1 visa to carry out research in residence at Harvard supported by a fellowship from HURI. More information can be found at Please also note the two-year national residency requirements, which may apply to you if you recently held a long-term J-1 visa.