EU MSCA Staff Exchanges, deadline: 8 March 2023

MSCA Staff Exchanges (MSCA-SE) promotes innovative international, inter-sectoral, and interdisciplinary collaboration in research and innovation through exchanging staff and sharing knowledge and ideas at all stages of the innovation chain. The scheme fosters a shared culture of research and innovation that welcomes and rewards creativity and entrepreneurship and helps turn ideas into innovative products, services or processes.

It is open to research, technical, administrative, and managerial staff supporting R&I activities. The 2022 MSCA-SE call (Deadline: 8 March 2023) may be of interest to parties in the academic and the non-academic sector (businesses, SMEs, charities, et cetera) alike, and the participation of non-academic entities is encouraged.

Read more about the benefits, eligibility, and more here.

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