Special call for nominations for EIRENE: A Max Planck-Ukraine Cooperation & Mobility Grant, apply by 15 June


  • Deadline: 15 June 2022
  • Duration: 3 years

The EIRENE Max Planck-Ukraine Cooperation & Mobility Grant is a package consisting of a Cooperation Grant and a Mobility Grant. EIRENE can be applied for jointly by outstanding Ukrainian early career researchers and either Directors of Max Planck Institutes (MPI) or Research Group Leaders of MPI (Research Group Leaders require a letter of support from a MPI Director). The Ukrainian researchers must be based at a research institution / university in his/her home country.

Eligibility: EIRENE Grants are directed at researchers with < 4 years after PhD (medicine: 6 years) and who are already able to demonstrate a recognisable scientific profile.

Funding: The funds are provided to the MPI which in turn manages them and disburses them flexibly to the Ukrainian Principal Investigator according to the budget plan. Funding consists of the following 2 instalments:

  1. € 15.000 p.a. (plus any applicable value added tax (VAT) accrued in Germany) as a Cooperation rant. These funds can, for example, be used to cover expenses for workshops, salaries of PhD students and postdocs, as well as consumables, instrumentation and smaller equipment. Salaries of the Principal Investigator and possible overhead costs incurred by the host institution cannot be covered.
  2. € 5.000 for the Mobility Grant. These funds can solely be used by the host MPI to cover the expenses of the Principal Investigator for an annual (minimum) one month research stay to the MPI (international flight and local travel in Germany, accommodation, per diem). If the Principal Investigator chooses not to visit the MPI these funds will be forfeited.

Options After Second Year: At the end of the second year of the collaboration the Director of the MPI can decide on the following two options together with the Ukrainian Principal Investigator:

  1. Continue with the project for the third and final year as planned.
  2. Nomination for a Max Planck Partner Group: The Director of the host MPI may nominate the Ukrainian Principal Investigator for a Max Planck Partner Group. In this case the MPI Director will submit a nomination according to the standard procedure for Max Planck Partner Groups. If successful the five-year funding for the Max Planck Partner Group will substitute the EIRENE Grant which will terminate. Unspent funds from the EIRENE Grant will be reimbursed to MPG Headquarters. In order to be eligible to apply for a Max Planck Partner Group the Principal Investigator from Ukraine must have spent minimum 2 months at the host MPI. In case the nomination for a Max Planck Partner Group is not successful the EIRENE Grant may continue for the third and final year.

Application Modalities: The joint application for an EIRENE Grant is sent by the Director of the MPI to the President of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. (Researchers from Ukraine are recommended to pro-actively contact a Director of a suitable Max Planck Institute). The program for EIRENE Grants is open to all MPI with the exception of the IPP. Application documents are to be sent electronically (only) to: Ms Friederike Nolte (Nolte@gv.mpg.de or phone: 089- 21081271) at MPG Headquarters.