Holodomor Remembrance Day

Holodomor Remembrance Day is Ukraine’s annual national commemoration day, which falls on the fourth Saturday in November.

The Holodomor (Голодомо́р, derived from морити голодом, moryty holodom, ‘to kill by starvation’), sometimes also referred to as the Great Famine, was a man-made famine in Ukraine during the Soviet rule. Estimated 4 to 7 million victims, of about 32 million population of Ukraine at the time, represented 12,5-22% of Ukraine’s population, who were killed by hunger from 1932 to 1933, – in the Europe’s “grain-basket”, in a peacetime…

Since 2006, the Holodomor has been recognized by Ukraine and 15 other countries as a genocide of the Ukrainian people carried out by the Soviet government.

Relevant forthcoming events:

  • 22/11/2021 U.S. – Ukraine Foundation, Discussion “Ongoing Battle to Honor Millions of Victims of the Holodomor”. Register hereZoom Link. Join the discussion with Andrea Chalupa, screenplay writer and producer of Mr. Jones about the Welsh journalist who fought to break through the Soviet misinformation campaign to tell the world the truth about the artificial famine instigated by Stalin; Oksana Piaseckyj, Chair of Duranty Revocation Subcommittee of U.S Committee for Ukrainian Holodomor Genocide Awareness, who will discuss current efforts to revoke Duranty’s Pulitzer Prize, and Robert A. McConnell, co-founder of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation and Head of FOUN External Communications, who will share the history of recognizing the Holodomor within the U.S., first starting in 1934. H.E. Oksana Markarova, Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA, will give opening remarks. This discussion will be moderated by USUF President Nadia McConnell. Watching Mr. Jones prior to the webinar is recommended. Due to time constraints, only the trailer will be shown at the event. Ways to access the movie can be found here (http://www.samuelgoldwynfilms.com/mr-jones/). Simultaneous interpretation between English and Ukrainian will be provided (also see the next event).
  • 23/11/2021 Ukrainian Institute London,Mr Jones, Ukrainian Film Festival 2021: Freedom on Screen, Speaker: Dr Daria Mattingly
  • 26/11/2021Not by Starvation Alone: Stalinist Cultural Genocide in Ukraine“, 2021 Toronto Annual Ukrainian Famine Lecture – Online, by Serhy Yekelchyk, Professor of History and Slavic Studies at the University of Victoria

Some Relevant Links:

Some relevant books & movies:

  • Conquest, Robert (1986). The Harvest Of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivisation and the Terror-Famine. Oxford University Press
  • Snyder, Timothy (2010). Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin. New York: Basic Books. ISBN 978-0-465-00239-9
  • Applebaum, Anne (2017). Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. ISBN 9780385538862
  • The Soviet Story is a 2008 documentary film about Soviet Communism and Soviet–German relations before 1941 and after, written and directed by Edvīns Šnore, and sponsored by the Union for Europe of the Nations group in the European Parliament
  • Mr Jones (2019) directed by Agnieszka Holland. The film tells the story of Gareth Jones, a journalist from Wales, who in 1933 travels to the Soviet Union and uncovers the truth about the Holodomor.