KYIV, 16-31 August: Summer School “Reforms in Ukraine 2014-2020: Change (IR)Reversible? Training for Future Policy Analysts”, apply by 5 July

Organized by the Kyiv School of Economics this exiting Summer School will focus on the following questions:

  • What have been the substance of the key reforms, conducted since 2014?
  • Where does each reform field stand now?
  • What shall be done to preserve the progress, already achieved, and move further?
  • How shall the West frame its support to Ukraine?
  • What are the best methodologies to analyze policies and reforms?
  • How does one summarize the findings in a policy brief?
  • How to think critically and identify “fake news”?
  • Which lessons can other East European countries learn from the Ukrainian case?
  • What are the pertinent educational and research questions?

Content-wise, the School will consist of the following blocs:

  • Introduction to Ukraine’s political history in the context of the post-Soviet transformation in Eastern Europe (in collaboration with the College of Europe (Natolin))
  • Reforms in Ukraine 2014-2021
  • The Foundations of Public Policy Analysis
  • Public Policy, Critical Thinking and Countering Disinformation
  • The Higher Education System and Educational/Research Opportunities in Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Language and Culture
  • Final Project: The participants will work in small groups (up to 4 persons) to debate questions, highlighted in the Concept above, and write policy briefs. The best policy brief(s) will be published with the analytical platform Vox Ukraine (following the editorial process).

Aimed at: Bachelor, Master and PhD students, officially enrolled at German higher educational institutions & interested in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. To apply for a DAAD scholarship and participate in this Summer School please follow the instructions on the DAAD Go East Summer School web-page.

Please submit by 5 July 2021 the following documents to Dr. Maryna Rabinovych in German or English (

  • Motivation letter (minimum one page)
  • CV in a form of a table

We congratulate Maryna on her achievements and remind that 2017 Maryna was among the finalists of our PhD Contest.