First Drahomán Prize winner is Claudia Dathe (Germany)

Claudia Dathe (Germany) is translator from Ukrainian into German, coordinator of literary translation at the University of Tübingen. She was nominated with her translations of Serhii Zhadan’s collection “Antenna” in German (published by Suhrkamp) and Oleksiy Chupa’s novel “Fairy Tales of My Bomb Shelter” (published by Haymon Verlag).

Award ceremony (online broadcast)

Claudia Dathe has translated the Ukrainian authors Serhij Zhadan, Olexandr Irwanez, Tanya Maljartschuk and Maria Matios, among others, into German. Since 2009, Claudia Dathe has worked as a coordinator for projects in the field of literary translation, initially in the “Textabdrücke” project, from 2013-2015 she coordinated the EU project “TransStar Europa”, and since July 2019 the BMBF-funded project “European Cultural Mediators in Times of Crisis”.

This award is given to translators who translate from Ukrainian into another language. The Prize was launched in 2020 by the Ukrainian Institute, PEN Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Book Institute.