The winners of the PhD Thesis Presentation Contest 2018 have been announced

The Final of the annual PhD Thesis Presentation Contest, which is traditionally supported by the Embassy of Ukraine, forms an essential part of the annual meeting of the society and was held for the third time.

This year 25 candidates applied from Austria, Germany, Poland, Portugal, the UK and Ukraine. Out of the six peer-review selected finalists four candidates from Germany, the UK and Ukraine took part in the Final presentation round, with a challenge to present their PhD research in just five minutes. At the PhD Contest 2018 two lauréats were selected as following:

  • Mariia Terentieva, University of Cambridge, UK: “Internet as Public Self-Service Media: Exploring Digital Civil Society in Post-Maidan Ukraine”, the first place;
  • Anna Tyutyunnykova, OncoRay-National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology, Dresden, Germany: “Prostate Cancer: Kills the Enemy with X-rays using its food supply”, the second place.

As a part of the reward all the contest finalists were offered an opportunity to take part in an accompanying dedicated intensive CV and grant writing workshop, specially organized by the society for its junior members. In addition, the winners received the monetary award of €300 for the first and €200 for the second place, which has been endowed by Nomad Bioscience GmbH. This highly innovative biotechnology company sponsors this contest from its beginnings. It was founded and is directed by Professor Yury Gleba, member of the Leoplodina and Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences among his many other achievements, and an active member of the Society.

With this contest the society promotes aspiring PhD candidates and foster academic cooperation with Ukraine. The contestants are either Ukrainians carrying out their PhD research abroad, or are involved in a bi- or multi-lateral collaborative research projects with Ukrainian scientists, or whose research topic is related to Ukraine.

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