The MAPA: Digital Atlas of Ukraine

The MAPA: Digital Atlas of Ukraine program is undertaken by the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University together with partners in Ukraine. It brings the latest innovations of information technology to studies of modern Ukrainian history and contemporary political geography.

The program involves studies and encourage scholars and students to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for illustrating and explaining economic, historical, political, and social transformations within Ukraine.

  • The Great Famine project, undertaken in cooperation with the State Scientific and Production Enterprise “Kartographia”, the Institute for Demography and Social Studies and the Institute of History of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, focuses on the history of the Holodomor (“death-by-starvation”) – the Great Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33.
  • The Revolution of Dignity project aims to contribute to a reconceptualization of regionalism in Ukraine.
  • The Independent Ukraine project, undertaken in cooperation with the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, deals with popular attitudes towards Ukrainian sovereignty since 1991 as measured by support or opposition to unity with Russia.
  • The Rus’ Genealogy project is part of a larger attempt to shift the perceptions of modern scholars to include Rus’ in the wider narrative of medieval Europe, and create a picture of the medieval European world that fits the evidence from the primary sources – one that stretches from the Atlantic in the west to the Dnieper River in the East.
  • The Historic Podillya in the late Middle Ages project presents the place names (settlements, castles, hydronyms) identified up to date in the territory of historical Podillya in the Late Middle Age.

If you are using GIS in your research on Ukraine and would like to become part of MAPA GIS Network, please register your project with the MAPA Program. This will help it to link the community of GIS scholars working on Ukraine, share findings, and organize future workshops and conferences related to GIS research.

The MAPA: Digital Atlas of Ukraine program is partially funded through support provided by the Eugene and Daymel Shklar Foundation and the Ukrainian Studies Fund, Inc.